A Typical Day of Camping
You arrive at your campsite and spend the day enjoying the picturesque beauty of the Northwest. Grab a snack and a good book, find a quiet place to relax, or jump in your kayak and head downstream. All is at peace with the world as you listen to the bird song, watch the squirrels scamper from tree to tree, and feel the sun on your shoulders.

Around dinner time you light the camping stove and cook a delicious meal. You'll discover that food never smells, or tastes, better then when it is cooked outdoors. After dinner you light the campfire with all the supplies (including easy instructions) provided by NW Experience. As the sun sets, you get ready to make the most iconic camp food in America, S'mores.

After sitting late into the night around the campfire, you enjoy a peaceful night snug in your tent, wrapped in your cozy sleeping bag.

The morning comes and you enjoy your fresh brewed coffee, while the smell of bacon wafts through the air.

This is a true NW Experience.

Package Includes

You choose the tent size you need:
2 to 4 people
4 to 6 people
6 to 8 people
* camp stove
* camp chairs
* battery operated lantern 
* ice chest with ice
* food storage container  
* water storage container
* dishpan, dish drainer & dish soap
* camp kitchen 

* mixing bowls
* strainer
* pots & pans, & cooking utensils
* dish towels, pot holders & trivets
* cutting board
* plates, cups, eating utensils, paper towels & tablecloth
* salt & pepper/spices
* teapot/coffee pot
* flashlight
* firewood 
* first aid kit
* sleeping bags (optional purchase)
* air mattress (optional purchase)
* additional misc. equipment

We will provide an eBook camp manual with everything you need to know about having a great NW Experience.

All the equipment is cleaned and disinfected between each use. Sleeping bags and air mattresses are purchased separately. They are yours to keep. 

Approved Campground       Choices 

Other locations may be available, check with us to find out.

Washington State Parks

Dash Point State Park
Kanaskat-Palmer State Park
Saltwater State Park

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Game Farm Park --- Auburn
Gig Harbor RV Resort --- Gig Harbor
Joemma Beach State Park --- Tacoma
KOA Campground Kent --- Kent

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Upscale Private Campground --- Yelm Hwy SE

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